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Careless Whisper - Vintage 1930’s Jazz Wham! Cover ft. Dave Koz (by ScottBradleeLovesYa)

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"Sweet Child O’ Mine" - New Orleans Style Guns N’ Roses Cover ft. Miche Braden (by ScottBradleeLovesYa)

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26 March 2014 Update: THIS ALBUM IS COMING TO BANDCAMP AND iTUNES… shouldn’t be too much longer…

As posted on iOS music blog “iOS Music And You, by Chip Boaz, “Supersonic Tartan Death Machine is probably one of the most original and interesting groups bouncing around the iOS music scene today. It’s a beautiful combination of electronic music that utilizes the powerful iOS synths, acoustic instruments, interesting vocals, and bagpipes. That’s right, bagpipes recorded into an iPad. It doesn’t get much cooler than that. It’s far from a novelty though – the compositions are put together with a high degree of musicianship and artistry. The STDM 2014 FAWM album is a fascinating mix of high concept and creative inspiration that’s got to be heard. It’s definitely a high point of FAWM for me. Described by Supersonic Tartan Death Machine as Planet Of The Apes with sheep … well, enough said, you’ve got to hear this…”

“@roxyad” on FAWM said, “…Love his entire concept album. It’s like listening to a movie. So weird it’s wonderful. It’s got sheep and bagpipes!”

“@nathanjontillett” said “…I seriously hope you get some well deserved credit for the sheer creativity you’ve put in to this, the songwriting, the concepts, the multiple acoustic instruments, and even the artwork, a massive effort. Great use of the smart strings on this one, loved the dialogue and a truly lovely bit of whistle solo towards the end that shows you are way more talented than you let on. Hats off to you sir, really enjoying this…”


This concept album is an epic and futuristic tale of an Alternate Earth brought to the brink… it is a highly imaginative effort written and created in just over 20 days by Jeff McCarthy of Supersonic Tartan Death Machine, and with the help of members of the iOS Music community.

The basic idea is “The Planet of the Apes” …with Sheep. It chronicles the rise of a villain, Lambert, AKA General Scrapie, who uses technology to create an Army of clones, and then allies with Mad Cows to create “The New Ruminant Army”. Together they rally the Ovine and Bovine of the world to rise up against humans. Humans are enslaved and chased from their cities… long dark times follow. A resistance mounts and a discovery is made… and the humans, led by an unlikely hero, are able to stop the onslaught of the New Ruminant Empire…


Placed in order of appearance, track 1 at the top.

It IS indeed about Sheep taking over the world!
It IS dark. It is creepy. It is disturbing! It is alternate reality type stuff! It is also quite humorous.
Every track WILL have bagpipes… of some kind. (I own three types)

Sit back and enjoy the ride… as much as I am. And whatever you do, DON’T ANGER GINGERS!!”


— 2 weeks ago
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"Throughout the exterior and interior of the building are examples of Fibonacci Sequence, Golden Ratio and Sacred Geometry."
— 3 weeks ago

David Pescovitz - Just Say Know: A Cyberdelic History of the Future (by liftconference)

— 3 weeks ago